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Always Funny, Always Real!

Big Smash, Ms. Chaunte, Ms. Delafaye, and John Day take you on a ride discussing topics of culture, sports, music, relationships and everyday life!

For the listeners that love grown up talk and 100% realness; this is the podcast for you! No filter, no pc just us discussing how we feel and saying what we want.

Support Bet The House Media; always funny, always real, always BET the house!

Our Values

Audio & Video

Our podcasts include both audio & video options for those who'd like to watch while listening.

Best co-hosts!

We love our co-hosts! They bring a variety of different taste and opinion to the mix...

The Best Topics!

On Bet The House, we talk about it ALL! From culture, sports, music, relationships and more!

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Meet the Team!


CEO/ Founder

I started Bet The House Media because I wanted to give my voice to a world. At the time I felt needed it, I felt I had something to say and podcasting was the one place no one was gonna tell me not to!

I wanted to give hope, to give my sense of humor, my sense of pride, everything I had to leave my mark. Bet The House is us! I named it that because I put everything I have into this and it’s either HOLD or FOLD.

Mrs. Chaunte


A hard working beautiful woman of God, podcaster, wife, mother and entrepreneur. I’m dedicated to my family life and I love fly shit! Hair, fashion, cars and tattoos. In my pass time I love reading, shopping and education education. In the near future I’m looking forward to opening my first store front, having my first truck on the road and having my own cafe.

John Day


John Day explodes on the scene like a modern day marvin gaye around 2010… Lending his vocals to the Streetkingz! Complementing the hard core, underground vibes with his smooth regal r&b hooks, the Streetkingz have really found a gem. Moreover, John is not just the hook man, his new single is promising and clever. “ Give Your Love to Me” debut and open some doors for him on the Steppin Market. Performing and gaining a following thru music, COVID hit and the world complete stop. While music on hold, John gain another opportunity thru social media. John team up with Smash on Bet the House podcast and set Chicago on fire. Covering topics such as relationships, music, politics and breaking the news, the podcast was fresh, new and groundbreaking. John Day has always grew as a artist and evolved as a person, what does he has plan next…Stay Tuned.

DeLaFaye Music


DeLaFaye Music on all platforms!

Singer/ Songwriter/ Performer Coordinator for Real Estate investment company

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